LAN Jack Transformer

LAN Jack Transformer


Magcom LAN-Jack (ICM) compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard on 10/100M, 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G speed Ethernet PHY application.


Design to meet IEEE 802.3 standard Compatible with all Major PHYs apply on Giga bits speed RoHS peak reflow temperature 260C on PIP, or wave solder process 260+/-5C for 10 Sec. Standard footprint on most PCB space application

Part No. PortsTypeLEDEMI tab / Latch OP TempNotes Data sheet
RG11884-FA1161 x 1DIP-No/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA117-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA118-L021 x 1DIPG / YYes/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA125-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA125-L0D1 x 1DIPO / YNo/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA126-L021 x 1DIPG / YYes/Up 0~70℃-
RG14884-FA100-L021 x 4DIPG / YYes/Down0~70℃-
RG14884-FA1041 x 4DIP-Yes/Up 0~70℃-
RG14884-FA104-L021 x 4DIPG / YYes/Up 0~70℃-
RG24884-FA1012 x 4DIP-Yes/Up 0~70℃-
RG11884-FA127-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Up0~70℃-
RP11884-FA100-L021 x 1DIPG / YYes/Up 0~70℃PoE
RP11884-FA100-L081 x 1DIPG-O / YYes/Up 0~70℃PoE
RG11884-FA137-L051 x 1DIPG / GNo/Up0~70℃-
RG11884-FA1381 x 1DIP-No/Down0~70℃-
RG11884-FA1411 x 1DIP-No/Down0~70℃-
RP11887-FB723-L051 x 1DIPG / GNo/Down-40~85℃PoE
RG11884-FA1431 x 1DIP-No/Up0~70℃Vertical
RP11887-FB723-L081 x 1DIPG / YNo/Down-40~85℃PoE
RG11884-FE733-L021 x 1DIPG / YNo/Up-40~85℃-
RP11887-FB723-L0U1 x 1DIPG-Y / GNo/Down-40~85℃PoE
RG21884-FA128-L0B2 x 1DIPG-Y / G-YYes/Up & Down0~70℃-
RG21886-FE703-L022 x 1DIPG-Y / G-YNo/Up & Down-40~85℃-
RG21886-FE708-L022 x 1DIPG-Y / G-YYes/Up & Down-40~85℃-